What riders are saying about riding out of your mind courses…

Riding Through Fear was an outstanding course that helped me learn concrete coping skills to really improve my relationship with my horse! I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is feeling paralyzed by fear. Without a doubt, April shares tools and support to let you know that you are not alone and you can find it within you to keep riding! Dawn B., Krum, TexasThis course takes you into yourself and helps to address blockages to your progress as an athlete. April Clay provides you with a mental toolkit that promotes success. Vancouver, BC

For the last 12 months my fear of riding my horse just in the arena let alone at competitions has been crippling. I would use any excuse..the wind, the time, my horse twitched his nose ina certain way...anything. I was scared of my horse, I was scared to ride. This course has helped me recognise my fears, what they are and why and most importantly that they are normal but I can deal with them. I need to train my brain...its coming along for the ride anyway!!! I now feel more relaxed in the saddle my horse is more relaxed, we have clear goals and if things go wrong I dont need to jump off and throw in the towel, I can and do get over it. I am now looking forward to my next competition I cant wait to get out there strike my power pose and strut our stuff...because "we have got this"!! Jess, Canberra, Australia

This course gave me the tools to overcome the fear and anxiety I had developed when it came to my riding. The course also taught me how to communicate better with my equine partner, how to change the way I talk to myself, and how to change the disappointment I felt in myself into a positive outlook. I am so glad I decided to take this step into helping me deal with my fear. Thank you April for all your help! - Christine, Carstairs, Alberta.

The course gave me a structure and process to understand the fear that I was ignoring and its affect on my riding. I underestimated the impact that the moments of fear were having on my goals to improve my riding. The course gave me some concrete tools that are helping me make improvements and feel like a competent rider. - Calgary

As a trainer, rider, coach and competitor I have learned many mental skills outlined in this course by trial and error over several years on several different horses. This course outlines many of these skills in a way that any rider of any discipline can use in their daily work with their horse. I work with students of all levels, and I can some new tools to help them deal with their weaknesses and fears. I would recommend this course to anyone one who is looking for a way to mentally improve their riding skills and their relationship with their horse. Denise, Snohomish, WA

I wasn't sure if this course was appropriate for me as it is marketed toward competitive, higher level equestrians. I was very pleased to discover the anxiety/ fear issues I've been struggling with we're so common to every participant regardless of experience, age or discipline. I learned about my fears and gained a great set of tools to apply to my own situation as a novice recreational rider. The support and knowledge of the other experienced riders was an unexpected bonus. I would recommend this course to any level rider with anxiety/fear issues.

This course is valuable not just for the competitors among us, but for those of us who have challenges to meet just getting on our horses. Well worth the time and money invested.  Smithers, BC

April's course helped me relax and focus while riding to the point that I sat a rather severe spook without even noticing that the horse and I were "having a moment." I highly recommend the course.

I liked this course as it allowed me to work at my own pace and could get feedback from April and others. It challenged me to become more of a team player with my horse.

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