Resilient Riding: Toughness Tools for your Mental Tackbox

Get your Toughness on!


Tough Enough?

Do you often give up after a mistake?

Can’t seem to reach the next level of your riding goals?

Is fear getting in the way of your learning and performance?

Are you not as consistent a rider as you would like to be?


“This course did toughen me up.  Thank you!”

“We do not compete or train in any particular discipline. We ride for pleasure, participate in community trail rides, 4H days, and cattle drives. The ideas shared on Resilient Riding are helpful and practical.”

Take a taster…watch the toughness video:


The Resilient Rider: Toughness Tools for your Mental Tackbox


- 6 weekly lessons and Videos

- Self paced assignments

- Quizzes

Cost: $47.00  
The Resilient Rider: Toughness Tools for your Mental Tackbox

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Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Getting your toughness groove on…

  • What toughness is not
  • What is toughness
  • Take Inventory: What is your current level of rider toughness?
  • Video: Who is the mentally tough rider?

Lesson 2: Attitude equals Altitude

  • Shift your Perspective
  • Warrior thinking
  • Video: The power of words

Lesson 3: Taking Control

  • Getting comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Practicing “right focus”
  • Become an expert mistake maker
  • Eye on the prize, mind on the path
  • Video: What is your error formula?

Lesson 4: Repetitions of Resilience

  • Knocking off those training sessions- real and virtual
  • Pre ride routines
  • Simulations
  • Video: Simulations: not just for astronauts

Lesson 5: Know Thyself

  • Know what makes you nervous, and deal with it
  • Know your carrot(s)
  • Emotional Control -Accept, don’t resist
  • Ask for what you need
  • Video: Pressure Smessure

Lesson 6: What kind of rider do you want to be?

  • Habits of the highly tough rider
  • Upping your belief
  • Forming your “riding identity”
  • Video: The Resilient Rider