The Confidence Factor

Portrait of a confident female horseback rider with horse in the stable

7 Steps to a Self-Assured Ride                 ONLY $47.00 CND

  1. Understand Confidence
  2. Think smart
  3. Team trust
  4. Learn to fail/get messy
  5. Nix confidence killers
  6. Nervously confident
  7. Fill your confidence bank

“This course offers great tools to utilize in your mental ride. Having a coach teach mental strategies is as useful as a trainer teach the mechanics of the physical ride” 


Course Objectives:

  • Understand the nature of confidence
  • Learn strategies and skills to up your confidence factor
  • How to fill your confidence bank
  • Comes with a downloadable workbook

Suitable for:

  • Riders of all disciplines
  • Ages 12 and up, or younger riders with the assistance of a parent

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