Riding Out of Your Mind Clinic



This clinic is designed to develop and sharpen your mental riding skills. 

Here is your challenge if you choose to accept it:   follow through and experiment with each of the drills. Start learning about what you need, and what works for you. Your mental training process is just like your physical one, a lifelong process of learning. There is no arrival. The best riders out there are still working on and shaping their mental game as they go along. See it as part of your sport and you will start to incorporate it into your training. Incorporate it into your training and you will start using it in the show ring. It will eventually become part of what you do- seamless.

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riding out of your mind clinic

- 6 weekly lessons and Videos

- Self paced assignments

- Quizzes

Cost: $47.00  
Riding Out of Your Mind Clinic

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Session 1: Why you need mental skills for successful riding

  • What are the psychological demands of equestrian sport

Session 2: Choosing your targets

  • A goal by any other name
  • Creating a training journal

Session 3: It’s all about the thinking

  • Who is your inner coach
  • The dumping ground
  • Thinking good and bad
  • Chilling: there is more than one way to take it down a notch
  • The body reboot
  • Quiz:  How efficient is your inner voice?

Session 4: Your inner riding movies

  • Improving your visualization ability
  • Developing peak scripts
  • Quiz:  How strongly developed are your visualization skills?

Session 5: Understanding the concentration game

  • Training to improve focus
  • Pre ride routines
  • Reboot your mission, reboot your ride
  • Quiz: Are you skilled in the art of focus?

Session 6: Pressure Smessure and how you can learn to use it

  • Claim your strategy

Session 7: Putting it all together

  • Mental "Tack-ups"
  • Forming a Pre-performance routine
  • Navigating the road to excellence:  other elements to consider
  • Debriefing your ride
  • Quiz:  Are you well prepared for your competitive experience?