Becoming a Winning Sport Parent

Charming family spends time in the gym


Have you struggled with sport parenting questions like:

How involved should I be in my child’s sport?

How do I talk to my child about disappointments?

How can I handle my own emotions at games?



Then you are not alone. Sport parenting is no easy task.

You want the best for your child.

Sport is emotional.

You spend a lot of hours and resources participating.

You have to navigate many personalities and obstacles.

But you can develop your own tools and resources to help you and your child get the most from sport.



Becoming a Winning Sport Parent Online Course

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Get started creating your new sport parenting roadmap today- your child will thank you.

Course Outline:

SECTION 1: Sport Parent Fundamentals
Lecture 1- Why be a better sport parent?
Lecture 2- Know your end game
Lecture 3- What about winning?

SECTION 2: Defining Your Role
Lecture 4-To coach or not to coach
Lecture 5- When you are the coach
Lecture 6- Are you pushing?
Lecture 7-Develop your young athlete over time

SECTION 3: Talking to your young athlete
Lecture 8: Communication to-dos
Lecture 9: Talking about disappointments
Lecture 10: When not to talk
Lecture 11: How to handle meltdowns

SECTION 4: Special Issues
Lecture 12: Is your child a star?
Lecture 13: When your child gets injured
Lecture 14: When your child wants to quit

SECTION 5: Sharpening Your Mental Skills
Lecture 15: Sport and emotions
Lecture 16: Anger- don’t let it rule your game
Lecture 17: YOUR pre-game jitters

SECTION 6: Putting it All Together
Lecture 18: Are you ready to go out on the field?